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Clear & Transparent

Control your healthcare costs between you and your provider, without the middleman

Direct Primary Care Membership fee

Patients/Clients without insurance

0-18 $25/month

19-65+ $80/month


One time visit and telehealth

(perfect for out of town guests or urgent same day appts)


Integrative Health Consult

Weight management/Nutrition Counseling with customized plan Includes:

75 min office visit 

ordering of labwork

discounted labs (if no insurance)

comprehensive exam


Lipo and B12 injections for weight loss and energy:

(Injection fee is not billed to insurance, office visit is billed to insurance)


Direct Primary Care Memberships include: 

-Unlimited yearly visits

-Annual physical

-Telehealth-Access to the provider via text messaging, video chat

- Discounted Holistic and Wellness services

-Same or next day appointments

-Discounted labs

-Point of care dispensing on most meds-get your meds at time of visit, no wait at pharmacy

*Cancel anytime. We just ask you stay with us for 2 month commitment

*Prices can be subject to change

*3.5% is added to any credit card swipe

*We do accept BCBS and United Healthcare only.

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