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Trust ><Faith

Attract what you expect.

Reflect what you desire

Become what you respect.

Mirror what you admire.

Does trust involve faith? I think so. It became clear to me on my run the other day. I snapped the picture just after the automated voice in my earbuds said, "4 miles completed, total time 41 mins 10 seconds, average pace 10 mins 28 seconds".

I am training for a half marathon. That I was supposed to complete when I turned 30. But here I am, running during after school time, dinner time, and play time. I decided to take a new route as I needed to get 8 miles in this particular day. From where I was standing, I could not see a sidewalk. And I vowed, not to consistently run on streets without a sidewalk. (drivers be crazy, lol). From where I was standing, I wasn't so sure I could see a sidewalk, but I changed the track on twerk, running station and decided to take a chance. About a quarter of a mile in, I see it! The sidewalk and I stopped and smiled and said, "thank you God". I snapped the above picture and it clicked to me.

Faith is belief in the unknown.

Trust is assurance in faith.

We all have trials we have been on, been through, or currently in. We have been lied to, cheated on, let down, left down, left out, bullied, hopeless, been impatient, stressed, depressed, anxious, and felt unloved.

But when you realize the path is already carved and made especially for you, you can trust the process.

Many of us know exactly what we need to do to lose the weight, we know how hard it will be to leave your toxic or abusive relationship, how difficult it is to save money for the down payment on your dream house, say 'no' to your friends or family when they ask for a favor, and we know how hard it is to treat ourselves with grace and believe in ourselves. As we are gentle with our grandmothers and we are gentle and kind to our children, we need to push through to our goal to be the best version of ourselves. How can you start trusting yourself? What will happen if you continue to not trust your process? Who do you want to be today? And what will prevent that from happening?

Who you are today is exactly who you need to be to get you to the next level or stage of life. For my journal writers...this affirmation is: All things that have happened to me, has also happened for me, and I am exactly where I need to be.

Keep up the process of falling in love with yourself.

your girl, A.

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