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According to The Institute for Integrative Health (TIIH), integrative health can be defined as "A state of well being in mind, body and spirit that reflects the individual, community and population."

Simply put, Integrative care takes into account all aspects of lifestyle as determinants of health and wellness. 

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Wellness Planning Session

Integrative care differs from traditional care as it takes into account all aspects of life as a determinant of health and outcomes. Including diet, relationships, physical, mental, and emotional health, and stress levels.
Your Wellness Planning Virtual Consult includes:
-An opportunity to interview us!
-We want to hear your story. A brief, detailed history of how you got here and where you would like to go
-Goal setting and plan for action  
-Recommendations on starting point and what program would work best for you.

Initial Meeting is a 30 min,
Wellness Planning Visit is required for all new clients. 


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Getting you back to you!

We offer more programs such antepartum programs for women preparing for birth or recently had a baby. 

We also work with closely with our community partners to refer you a PCP, massage therapy, yoga, or even IV hydration.

Check us out and see what makes us different!


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Core Signature Program

 A place to start from wherever you may be on your journey to kickstart your wellness. We use holistic modalities and proven strategies to not just stop inflammation, but also reverse it.

In this 4 week 1:1 program you will put into practice that dream you want to achieve all while improving your energy, reducing inflammation, correcting deficiencies and gaps in your nutrition as well as your habits. 

Included in your program is a wellness success director who will be available to answer questions, guide you, and connect you to the care you need. Additionally, we will add on serum lab work to identify and correct deficiencies, along with a visit from our lead practitioner, Dr. Manning, DNP. You will also get specific health and wellness calculations to be your best self. 


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Affinity Holistic COunseling

 Counseling and Therapy is an under used approach to deal with trauma and change. Here, at AWC we believe that you should have access and a safe place to get healing from  not just the physical body, but also the mental, emotional, and spiritual. 

Our Holistic Counseling approach is different as we utilize modalities like yoga, breath work, journaling, with traditional cognitive approach to face difficulties.


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