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According to The Institute for Integrative Health (TIIH), integrative health can be defined as "A state of well being in mind, body and spirit that reflects the individual, community and population."

Simply put, Integrative care takes into account all aspects of lifestyle as determinants of health and wellness. 


The Blueprint:VIP day
Start your Health and wellness Practice today

Will include a full day with me 1:1 to pick my brain and done-with-you templates based on what your unique business type. Business mentorship includes: business set up, niche, consent forms, legalities, malpractice, networking, EMR and more
Time Commitment: face to face format, in a full 6-8hrs, with 45 mins break for lunch
How: Unique format to dig into goals, brainstorm outcomes, and create a calendar to live-by. Movement breaks, deep introspection, and connection.
Value: Actionable plan to put in place immediately to narrow down your practice niche, create your inclusion and exclusion criteria, practice set up, ordering and supplies, entrepreneurial mindset, how to build your schedule and calendar and more!!

Bonus Extras: interview of past clients, Journal for gratitude, results and time management, and lunch included. 

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Iv Infusion 
Coming soon

For Immune boost, Energy, fatigue, brain fog, or have the sun-kissed skin glow, IV infusions are for you. 

This service will be available by appointment only.
Get on the waitlist to reserve your appointment.
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Functional Wellness Consultation

Functional Medicine + Wellness Consultation
is a focused on all the parts of you using a wholism approach.  This means your protocol is individualized based on functional lab testing including serum blood work or even stool or urine tests. 
In a study in 2019, 7252 patients seen in a  functional medicine center demonstrated signficant improvements in 6 and 12 months demonstrated improvements in PROMIS GPH (mean [SD], 2.61 [6.53]) that measures, energy, weight loss, burden of disease, and more.   (Beidelschies, 2019).
Overall, clients who had a functional medicine provider had better outcomes in mood, energy, nutrition, autoimmune disorders, less infection rates, improved skin, and better gut health. 
Time Commitment: face to face, for a full 2 hour appointment. Average appointments with Providers range 15-mins, with 7-mins of actual face time with your Doctor. 
How: Using your intake forms, medical records, labwork, diet journals, We create a Unique protocol to reset your goals, create clear outcomes, and a plan that works with your lifestyle. Movement breaks, deep introspection, and connection.
Value: Actionable plan to put in place immediately to learn how to use food as medicine, what supplements you need at this point of your life, how to put yourself first without guilt, and organize your time to achieve goals.

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Additional services

Available to you with all the perks and benefits?
Get a ready made Grocery lists, meal plans, with macro goals to make nutritious, balanced meals 

Or are you a


that could use some additional help planning meals while having a community to vent to, share wins, and losses and grow together?
Consider our Bloom or Thrive Membership-Based Services to get you on track!

Additionally, we offer 
to allow you to achieve all your goals 

Healthy Food

Nourish: Core Signature Program

 A place to start from wherever you may be on your journey to kickstart your wellness. We use holistic modalities and proven strategies to not just stop inflammation, but also reverse it.

Included in your program  is 1:1  support from Dr. Manning with once weekly meetings to answer questions, guide you, and connect you to the care you need. Additionally, we will add on serum lab work to identify and correct deficiencies. As well as meal plan, guides to meditation, and exercise support. You will also get specific health and wellness calculations to be your best self. 

In this 4 week 1:1 program you will put into practice that dream you want to achieve all while improving your energy, reducing inflammation, correcting deficiencies and gaps in your nutrition as well as your habits. 



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