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What we Do?

According to The Institute for Integrative Health (TIIH), integrative health can be defined as "A state of well being in mind, body and spirit that reflects the individual, community and population."

Simply put, Integrative care takes into account all aspects of lifestyle as determinants of health and wellness. 

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Initial Integrative Wellness Consult

Integrative care differs from traditional care as it takes into account all aspects of life as a determinant of health and outcomes. Including diet, relationships, physical, mental, and emotional health, and stress levels.
Your 1-time Virtual Consult includes:
-Review of your medical records from previous providers
-comprehensive nutrition, emotional, and physical assessments
-Detailed history of present problem(s) and concerns
-Detailed history of current health status, family structure, social support, and barriers to health.
_Goal setting and plan for action  

If you would like to follow up for Case Review and ordering of trace mineral testing, vitamin evaluation, basic and comprehensive lab and/or stool testing, we would be happy to Get you scheduled for Case Review Appointment. 

Initial Consult is face to face and 90 mins in length. 



normally $349

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Integrative Wellness memberships

Many Patients are looking for a more long-term relationship with their provider for weight concerns, diabetes, PCOS, or periodic check ins for stress management and natural approaches to anxiety and depression.
If this sounds like you, our membership program makes most sense.  We will work out a schedule that fits your needs.  An initial Integrative Consult most be completed in advance. Most patients for weight loss or health coaching see us every 2 weeks for at least 4-6  months.All of the visits are done virtually.  
-Ask about our family and child memberships too!


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Case Review

Case Review may be added on to the Initial Wellness Consultation. This is the step where after the initial consult, data, comprehensive and specialty labs have been ordered and returned, the practitioner will review them and summarize findings with a detailed report and recommendations for change during a 60-min virtual visit. 
On average this includes:
-Discussion on how to manage diet and exercise with specific recommendations
-Gaps in diet with vitamin or mineral deficiencies
-Ways to naturally boost immune system 
-Discussion on any toxins to eliminate
-Ways to stay naturally safe 
-Incorporating a holistic lifestyle into your life
-Connecting your goals to your outcomes with a detailed plan



normally $99

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Follow Up visits

Follow up visits are also done online via secure telehealth platform and include review of your progress, any labwork, check-in on goal achievement, treatment recommendations, recommendations to other specialists, and honing down on future projections and lifestyle modifications. Follow up time and commitment is completely individualized.


normally $99

Cash, Visa, MC, Discover are all accepted.

Please note a 3.5% credit card swipe will be added to all Credit Card transactions. 

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