Workshops & Retreats

Image by Ian Schneider

Virtual Workshop:
Connection of gut and stress

May 24th, 7pm

Did you know more than 90% of serontonin is released in the gut? Learn during this virtual workshop how gut health affects mental health and stress


Journal Club

May 2022

This month the Topic is Intro to Journaling. Designed not only to improve your physical health, but also your overall wellness and spill into your day to day life. 

Meet virtually May 17, 24, & 31st 

Image by Jared Rice

Annual Health and Wellness Retreat

Fall 2022

Join us for a weekend retreat where you get the experience of wellness and health and mingle with other like minded invididuals. We are bringing this back by popular demand. Perfect for singles, couples, or BFFs who want to identify and strengthen gaps in wellness. More to come!