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I AM...
Wellness Community


A place where everyone is welcomed.
Having a community where you can be all the "I AM.." you choose to be. Whether you identify as as a mom, artist, a woman, man, or neither, a cat and dog lover, a hiker, a baker, or creator. Join our community of like-minded humans who are on similar physical, mental, nutrition, and whole body wellness and healing journey as you. 
Image by Ian Schneider

August 2nd 7pm

Lifetime health is determined in childhood. Meet us for a discussion on nutrition, macros, and balanced meals  to make your routine a habit. 


Aug 2022

What is it, you need more of? girlfriend time, mom time, couple time. Message us with your ideas and we can coordinate a social mixer. 

Image by Jared Rice

Fall/Winter 2022

Join us for a weekend retreat where you get the experience of wellness and health and mingle with other like minded invididuals. We are bringing this back by popular demand. Perfect for singles, couples, or BFFs who want to identify and strengthen gaps in wellness. More to come!

Prep for the school year
Kids, nutrition, and Macros

I AM...
social mixer. 

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