Wellness and Lifestyle Consultants

New and improved Website and Services. We are now completely virtual platform based. No more office visits!

We will be accepting new Integrative and Functional Medicine Clients Early 2022. A preliminary meet and greet via zoom is required prior to Dr. Manning, DNP, APRN, FNP-C taking you on as a new client. 

Improving your health must include all the facets of wellness, through physical, emotional, spiritual, diet, routines, and our surrounding relationships.


Health isn't simply the absence of disease, whereas wellness isn't just the balance of aspects of lifestyle.  Its the connection between physical, mental, social, and deep relational health that allows healing to occur. Traditionally, up until recent years visits to practitioners have been focused on treating symptoms of disease, a cold with medication, constipation with laxatives, weight loss with surgery, and so on. Here, we are focusing on PREVENTION. What if you could prevent coughs, colds by addressing deficiencies in your diet. What if you you could prevent or delay diabetes onset by a customized diet and exercise plan? What if you treat your PCOS with lifestyle modifications and working closely with a practitioner? What if you lower your cholesterol without the use of traditional medications?  These are all possible. 

We are Different,  as our focus is on preventative and curative care. We are not primary care, but a supplement to your treatment team.   Our goal is to provide the best care for you giving high quality and exceptional yet individualized care. For this reason, we do not accept traditional insurance. This means your care can be coordinated directly with our practitioner and care is just a click away as we utilize virtual technology such as video chat, email, and messaging to coordinate care and communicate. Each client will receive a personalized portal account to send secure messages and keep health goals in check.  



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Gay and Lesbian Medical Association
Delaware Coalition of Nurse Practitioners
Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society
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