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30-Days to Healthy Living Program

What is this?

Diabetic, overweight, trying to conceive, recently diagnosed with high cholesterol or simply want a healthier lifestyle, this 30-day program is perfect as a kickstart to your best self. This program is not meant to be a lose weight quick scheme, but a jumpstart in your overall health and wellness goals.

Why should I do this?

Studies show that people who are involved in nutrition, diet coaching either individual or a group setting, have higher success rates and stick with their program longer

What does it include?

1.Free individual coaching and group counseling with our Lead Provider, Dr. Manning, DNP, CRNP, FNP-C

2. Free meal plans

3. Non-restrictive, no calorie counting

4. ALL, yes, ALL the products you will need for 30 days

5. Two boxes of protein shake

6. Two boxes of Detox tea

7. Energy Fizz sticks

8. Free gift of Greens balance

9. All for around $8/day 

8. Can be done from anywhere in the Country with virtual visits. No need to come in for weigh-ins/measurements.

Wait.. There is More?

As part of the program, you will also get

- free shipping

- up to 40% off products for one year

-30% discount on Affinity Weight management program which is an seamless transition following the 30-day program 

I have a gluten allergy?

All Products are Vegan AND Gluten Free and safe for diabetics as products have a low-glycemic profile. 

Consult with your GYN/OB if you may be pregnant.

When can I start?

Next cohort starts 2/4/2019

Sign up by 1/21/19

Each cohort starts on the 1st Monday of each month


For all the inclusives with 30-day Program cost is $296

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