Direct Primary Care? 

What is it? 

Direct Primary Care is a model in which you as the patient directly coordinate your care with your healthcare provider. Pricing is transparent and this significantly cuts out the hassle of insurance companies, copays, and prior authorizations.  



Direct Primary Care?

What's included?

*Unlimited yearly visits

*Annual physical

* Same or next day Scheduling

*Nutrition Counseling on initial visit

*Telehealth (secure face-time)


*In office testing Urinalysis/Strep

*Coordination of care, after hospitalization 

*Work or Sports Physicals


Direct Primary Care

Simple, transparent Pricing

Child 0-18: $25/month

Adult 19-65+: $80/month

Family and Business Plans Available

No Registration Fee

Additional Benefits: 

In office dispensing of (some) meds: $10

Flu, B12, or Lipotropic injections: $20/each

Discount on Wellness Services

Same or next Day Appt

No additional Charge for Telehealth

*We  participate  all BCBS plans and United Health

*Please note 3.5% will be added to payment methods using visa/mc/discover/debit/hsa