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Plan a now!

The prefix for vacation is vacate or to flee.

How often do you schedule a vacation and stick with it.

I read an article from CNBC that stated, more than 54% of Americans do not use all of their alloted vacation time. I'm sorry, but this sounds CRAZY to me!

Vacation time given to an employee is like free time off for work performed.

But did you know taking a vacation can have some health benefits as well?! I mean, we all know, but do we really, really know.?!

A large, randomized, controlled trial of workers before vacation, immediately after and 30-45 days after proved that well being increased 17% before vacation and effect of vacation continued to increase when measured 45 days after the vacation. This is regardless of if it was a 'staycation' or actual vacation.

You know the feeling you get knowing your vacation is coming up and you have mentally checked out. Well imagine that feeling a controlled intervals.

Another study, suggests a four-day vacation spiked productivity levels upwards of 50% and infers vacation intervals should be no less than 60-days apart.

Can you imagine, having a scheduled 4-day weekend every other month?

Now imagine, what you would do with that time. Would you align with the things that matter in your life, like your family, partner, kids, your hobbies, your health (both physical and mental), would you volunteer.

Every single thing that happens in our lives is placed there to help us grow and evolve. If you haven't been in a vacation in a while and you don' t know what personal values are of uptmost importance to you, look at your calendar.

What do you say is important you? You know, like you share with your mom or your co-workers or even your partner?

It might sound something like this..."I love my kids, I would do anything for them". Or, "OMG, I love it at the beach, its my soft spot".

And now, look back at your calendar, how many times have you intentionally spent time on the things that YOU say are important. Have you scheduled date night with the "love of your life"? Have you scheduled 1-on-1 time with each of your kids? Have you put time aside to rest, knowing you work an hour from home and have to help kids with homework and projects?

A vacation fills the gap from who are and where we are.

Its an intentional slow down to recover, rejuvenate, and rehabilitate.

This week's homework assignment: schedule a vacation before the end of 2019.

Look at your calendar and schedule a vacation.

Ideally, vacations throughout the year should include at least: one vacation alone, one with friends, one with family, and one with your partner (or BFF).

We host a health and wellness retreat every September to provide not just a vacation, to vacate or flee, but as also a retreat to refresh your spirit, your mind, and body.

Consider vacation an intentional action that would occur as seamlessly as going to work.


Work hard=Play Hard

Space is limited, join us.

Topics include sexuality and intimacy, nutrition and nourishment, goal attainment, and more.

Check out our website for more.

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