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Sports, summer, and sleep

The summer season is knocking on spring's door, literally! With my maiden blog post. I would like touch on a few topics that busy Moms like myself, might find useful. Over the last several weeks, I have had inquiries from not just moms, but Dads too, who are asking about the

3 S's-sports, summer, and sleep. As the most anticipated season of the year, summer is the time to spend with family, be in the sun, enjoy outdoor sports, and maybe catch up on sleep. When the kids are busy with sports, which are after school and early Saturday mornings, it can really drain your energy.

First, be sure to keep a consistent sleep schedule. This can be difficult when you serving as taxi to and from events. However, maintaining a schedule as closely as possible will not only help with productivity during the day, but will help with a restful sleep. I like to call sleep the 7th vital sign. Maintainig adequate sleep and literally make or break you. Keep the cell phone away from the bed and avoid using it within 1 hour before bed. Also, avoid alcohol 1 hour before bed as it can cause insomina. Additionally, taking a warm shower 30 minutes prior to hitting the sack can help too. Also, what you do in the morning can help you sleep at night. Take 5 minutes and make your bed and straighten your space, this will make your bed a place of refuge, not morning diaster. I tend to leave a note on the pillow for myself or my spouse, which helps pull positive energy in the room. Trust me, after a busy day of seeing patients, I rarely remember what I wrote, and its refreshing to see it coming home! Also, take advantage of the warm summer nights, leave the dishes in the sink and remote on the couch and take the family for a walk around the neighborhood. If done after dinner, this will not only help to digest food, but help the body convert the elevated blood sugar into energy! This will also aid in restful sleep.

Second, Summer! In the summer we are spending lots of time in the sun and grass. The American Academy of Dermatology (2016) recommends wearing sunscreen 30spf or higher 15 mins before going out in the sun and apply it every 2 hours. Skin cancer can affect persons regardless of age, sex, gender, and ethnic background. Also, be sure to stay hydrated for most people drinking 1-1.5 Liters of water daily is the minimum needed to maintain hydration. Of course, consult your own provider for your specific health needs and concerns. Wear a hat, sunglasses, while outside, and don't forget those gloves while working in your garden. Poison Ivy and oak are very common during this time of year, so be sure to wear long pants, sleeves, and gloves and wash up right away!

Lastly, sports! We love our sports don't we? If you are a runner, like myself, avoid running or doing any physical activity during the warmest parts of the day; 12-3pm in Delaware. If you have to be out, be sure to use the tips above to protect your skin and eyes. Keep your pets hydrated, remember, our pets dehydrate quickly almost at the same rate as a newborn, so, keep a water bottle handy and if you have to keep your animal in a car, leave at least 2 windows open and try not to leave your animal unattended for 15 minutes in a car. Be sure to stretch! Incorporating yoga into your daily routine, either with your exercise regimen or before sleep will help to prevent injuries.

All in all, drink water, take time for sleep, exercise, and enjoy the summer! Until next time,

Dr. A.

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