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Sundays are for vintage things

Sundays are for vintage things. Like, homemade breakfast. Miles Davis on the kitchen radio. Eating cake batter. Making love to the sound of the rain. Holding a cup of tea with your hands and your smile.  Allowing for the time to come easily and smoothly, without rush. Stretching your body, feeling the earth between your toes. Tickling childrens bellys  and rubbing your dogs ears. 

Breathing in the beauty, exhaling the past, closing your eyes, and being present.

Eating lunch in the sunshine. Allowing the warmth to cool your inner turmoil of the week ahead. Slipping on your favorite comfy shirt, placing it to your nose and smelling your lover's perfume. Walking along the street and counting the stones. A soul filling dinner with smiles and love and hope for a great week ahead with warm admiration and room temperature  Cabernet from your favorite glass. Slow dancing in the livingroom, with blinds wide open. More cuddles and love, and reading and mediation and breathing in place. All for the rejuvenating experience of living im the moment. 

Sunday's are for vibtage things.

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