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Energy of You Mom, yea. I'm talking to you

As a busy mom and career woman, finding balance is hard. There are a million things to do in a day and I'm lucky if I get done just 100 of them. 

Its a beautiful Sunday morning (partly because my youngest didn't wake me up at the crack of dawn), I'm sitting on deck and watching my 2 year old push her baby down the slide. 

I turned on my water hose and water slide for the kids before 10am. Yep, I did it! And for breakfast they had homemade pancakes that were made-oh my gosh-dramatic music follows...the day before. 

I put their swimsuits on and my 2, almost 3 yo says "I need to wash my hands". 

She has cake icing all over her hands, face, and 'cupcake' swimsuit. My 2yo ate a cupcake for breakfast and it wasn't gluten free. It was sugary and chocolate and apparently delicious. Lol. 

I created my living room into a skating rink one afternoon because we are currently under Reno in our 1st floor. We now, at least have walls. Never thought I'd be happy to have walls. Lol. But life humbles you. The girls skated in their slippers and socks and we pretended to backwards skate and it was fun. And I saw them laugh it made me completely forget about my Reno. Lol.

They have their swimsuits on and we eat and talk and reflect and and in the corner of my eye I see images of women in my home of strength. To Kill A Mockingbird is on my kitchen counter a long with Phenomenal Woman. I see my girls look one another in the eye when they talk. I feel the love in my belly l when they make each other laugh. 

I take and reflect that maybe that my energy is directly associated with theirs. It's a word we hear too often. Self-Care. Taking a moment to beautify your soul and spirit with silence, pause, or rejuvenation. 

If you are a believer in a source such as God or Energy source then you understand connections. 

How well does things run when you are off balance, Mom? When you are exhausted, overwhelmed, underappreciated, or underestimated. 

Take a moment for self care. 

This may mean being okay with cupcakes for breakfast. It may mean having to eat out because you're tired of cooking. It may mean waking up to their shoes in the yard, a doll on the floor, dishes in the sink, a dinner full of gluten and the breakfast of their dreams. 

An extra moment for you to be you. Moms, our energy runs the world. 

Practice more self care, less yes. Practice more mindful moments, less no. Practice focused awareness, less judgment.

Namaste to all my kick ass moms!

Keep at it girl!

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