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Its our Anniversary Month and that means its yours too!

Well, that went fast. We have officially marked our 1 year anniversary of our physical brick and mortar location. This is a huge thanks to you! For all the support, loyalty, of all our patients an clients who allow us to care and treat them like family.

I love anniversaries, it allows me to take a trip down memory lane. I started contemplating wanting to open a clinic to serve people of all ages to provide holistic, personalized care, even if they didn't have insurance about 3 years ago. This is where the Direct Primary Care idea was founded. Direct Primary Care or DPC is the way healthcare is delivered. Its more personable, less cost that traditional insurance, and allows for more time between me and my patients. Traditional practices allow 15 min appt slots, but I wanted to change that. In our practice, all new patients get 60 min visits, return patients 30 mins. This allows all concerns to be addressed and heard. Additionally, I wanted to give people "care in place" that they so desire, with busy lifestyles. For established patients, for simple complaints, I can easily connect to them using a HIPAA secure face time app and handle discuss their complaint and easily send prescriptions electronically if necessary.

Since we have been open, I have added additional services including in-house dispensing to prevent long waits at the pharmacy. I have also added our very popular weight loss program which has an average weight loss of 17lbs/month and uses all an all natural approach to combat obesity and weight loss. Within this program, patients and clients also have the option to recieve high dose B12 shots and/or Lipo shots for weight control. For those who just want a nutrition consult, we do that too! Meet with clients and outline a detailed nutrition and weight management plan with an exercise prescription, referral to a gym, physical therapy, or even referral to massage therapy!

We continue to grow and expand our services and are accepting new primary care patients. Our DPC rates start at $20/month. This may be a great option for you or someone you know who does not have insurance or even is sick and tired of paying $250 or more per pay and still have to fight with insurance for authorizations. We do accept BCBS and United Healthcare. However, if you are still interested in being a patient, we will gladly give you a superbill which you can be reimbursed by your insurance company.

Also, if you are a small business owner and need coverage for your employees, we will gladly work with you to provide physicals and testing.

Today, more than ever there is a need to have mentor and/or coach whether it be for business start ups or health coaching. We will be starting a NP mentoring and residency program starting in the Fall 2019. This will allow for personalized 1-on-1 mentoring and clinic time for aspiring or new Nurse Practitioners or nurses. Also, we also have business coaching courses starting this Fall as well. Stay tuned for details!!


For the entire month of July, we are offering 15% off all in-office services, including injections, nutrition counseling, DPC memberships, work/school physicals, and our 12 and 15 week weight loss programs. (does not include our 30-day program).

We have come a long way from our mobile clinic, doing house visits 2 years ago and we hope to continue to grow and expand as apart of your family too.

Most Gracious, Dr. M

if you are looking for more from your life....visit our website and see how we can help.

Can book appointments easily online.

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